Client-Centered Research

Research must be client-centered before it can be human or user centered.

Where do you want to start? Research helps you understand & maximize opportunity. We first help you become research team members, to ensure hard-won learning becomes shared team knowledge. Then our research helps you clearly understand your customer's relationship to your product or service.

Research at the point of decision.

Research becomes a design process, as field studies move into prototyping & testing concepts. Strategy & design decisions require authentic, relevant, & credible understanding of user, markets, contexts.

A sustainable design strategy helps you make the right product for a complex marketplace for change. It does not matter if your product is usable if it does not contribute to human performance & values

Research Methods : Tools for Thinking

Human + systems research

Redesign's research helps you understand the real-world contexts of people to enhance their work and decisions. Redesign has deep experience with professional, knowledge-based products and full cycle services.

We are industrial strength.

Redesign employs methods that frame research findings for action. We help you understand the activities your offer will serve, and advise the best fit of value to the user. visualize choices, discover opportunities, and possible

Research leads to informed design & decision making, fitting the user, practice, and context. Delivering innovation, insight, for experiences that work, for people.


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Research for Human Systems Innovation

Action Research

Surveys & Roundtables
Experience Critiques
Foresight & futures studies

Design Research

Ethnographic field research
Competitive & cultural scans
Generative Design Research

Activity Research

Work practices studies
Cognitive task analysis
Contextual design cycles