Redesign employs a unique business model to enable us to expand capacity for large projects with special requriements and to manage multiple complex assignments. We maintain an active professionals network model for selecting the right design and research consultants for the unique and often complex projects we regularly take on.

By extending agreements to professionals in our large network in design, research and scientific communities, we keep the network fresh and available for new clients and emerging requirements on large projects. This develops capacity for the company and by extension to clients by developing networks of partnerships with working business agreements in the cities we operate in and serve.

How We Partner

  • Active Professional Network - Keeping our best associates ready & available for the right projects
  • Special Project Teams - Assembling the right Redesign teams for special projects
  • Local Leadership - Helping you succeed with experienced consultants leading complex efforts
  • Design Management Consulting - Bringing practical experience & research of your industry or sector to knowledge-intensive projects

Social Action & Civic Engagement

We are interested in working with you to make a better world. There are hundreds of ways we can do this together. Redesign maintains close relationships with several non-profits and the dialogue and deliberation community. We are looking for opportunities to help organizations working with global peace, democracy, and civil community building. Please feel free to ask us to partner with you.

Partner Organizations

Located in Toronto and Dayton, the Redesign network grows through partners and associates across North America.

The systems thinking school of Dialogic Design informs our organizational and strategic design work.

design Dialogues A US non-profit dedicated to dialogue in the agoras of the global village.

design Dialogues A US partnership leading change by design with strategic dialogue.

design Dialogues A Toronto community of practice for dialogic design and facilitative practice.