Innovation Redesigned

Successful innovation is strategy, not invention. 

Just building what’s new is not enough. Strategic proposals are informed by activity-centered research and systemic design.

We facilitate true collaboration for strategic design & decision making. We work & train your team from a unique portfolio of methods of Dialogic Design.

There are no Onesizefitsall solutions. Every company’s resources and values differ, as well as industry structure, product lines, & customer needs. Innovation strategy is business strategy, leveraging unique internal resources for sustainable advantage that cannot be copied.

Your processes & values are assets to be designed.

Through research & cooperative development, we help you build:

  • Product & brand portfolios
  • User experience & product processes
  • Organizational values & skills assessment
  • Collaborative innovation teams
  • Team decision processes

Strategic Foresight & Innovation

Innovation Strategy in 1-2-3

  1. Envisioning Alternative Futures
  2. Create a Future-Proof Platform
  3. Design to Intercept the Preferred Future

Innovation & Foresight Methods

Strategic Roadmapping
Structured Dialogic DesignSM
Scenario Design & Planning
Future Collaboratories
Team Design

Organizational Innovation

Creating a Customer Experience Culture

Socialization - Animating the customer experience within an organization. Aligning processes to lead participation from field to decision.

Bottom-up sustainable management, starting with practice & working toward owned, shared processes.

Team & Organizational Performance

Product management & development that adapts service design methodology to the company.