Innovation Redesigned

Iinnovate deep value.

Building the new is not enough. There is no wisdom in sustaining business as usual, when we can create business as futures. We have the tools for flourishing & can serve restorative values.

Your processes & values are assets to be designed.

Through research & cooperative development, we help you build:

  • Product & brand portfolios
  • User experience & product processes
  • Organizational values & skills assessment
  • Collaborative innovation teams
  • Team decision processes

We facilitate true collaboration for strategic design & decision making. We work & train your team from a unique portfolio of methods of Dialogic Design.

There are no Onesizefitsall solutions. Every company’s resources and values differ, as well as industry structure, product lines, & customer needs. Innovation strategy is business strategy, leveraging unique internal resources for sustainable advantage that cannot be copied.

Strategic Foresight & Innovation

Our simple process for leading innovation strategy.

  1. Envision Alternative Futures.
  2. Organize Platform
  3. Design to Intercept the Preferred Future


Foresight-led Innovation

A methods map to envision futures and co-create design options.

Foresight for Innovation

Redesign's unique methodologies:

  • Strategic Roadmapping - Gigamapping
  • Structured Dialogic DesignSM
  • Future Co-laboratories
  • Team Design for collaborative development

Organizational Innovation

Creating a Customer Experience Culture

Socialization Embedding the customer experience within learning, practices & routines. Aligned collaboration from field research to decisionmaking.

Bottom-up infusion of practice capacity, starting with one project, working toward shared processes.

Designing the Flourishing Enterprise

Our business modeling system for co-creating strongly sustainable enterprises fosters whole system flourishing across ecosystems and vibrant social systems. Find our SSBMG research group at sLab.



Appetite for Disruption

Technogenic Cultures - MEA 2014

What is a “Problem,” Really?