All Design is Redesign

Nothing in this complex world starts from scratch. Innovation stands upon prior ideas, versions, and often builds on an installed base or infrastructure. Tools must fit the work practices they empower. We all work in a plug and play universe now. All design is redesign, of something. Thoughtful design makes all the difference.

Design liberates meaning & beauty, & humanizes new services & systems

From user experience to systemic services, we discover and define human interaction in tools, work, and information.

We Design Contexts to Aid Thinking

Redesign leads design & research to co-create & validate market leading information services used in business, healthcare, & education.

To do our job well, we consult to help organizations establish & socialize customer-centered practices to build a culture of innovation.

How Do We Do?

We help envision and develop strategy for product and services innovation. We define, design, and evaluate interactive products and services, usually as partners with the client team.

Product, service, and system design requires a fine balance of creative and engineering. Informed by a researched understanding of human activity and organizational contexts. Design breakthroughs emerge from constructing possible alternatives, meeting technical requirements and maximizing a project's opportunity. It is both art and science, guided by user data, craft, and the insights garnered by collaborative practices with client teams.

As your design team partner we engage a whole team, wherever possible, including:

  • Developers & Project management
  • Product, Marketing & Strategy
  • Visual & Information design
  • Users & all customer representatives

Peter Jones "wrote the book" on team design practices and development processes, facilitating practical, multi-discipline participation.

Where We Design

We design FOR the different systems of use and intellectual activity. These are (often) information services for complex work.

We design services for complex knowledge work.